More Vomiting

In the last 24 hours, Hana has vomited five times. This is certainly a new record. Last night, Paul was with her in her room, trying to calm her to sleep. They both fell asleep and at some point Hana pulled her NG tube way out, but not completely out. I pushed it back in and then listened with the stethoscope as I blew a puff of air into the tube to make sure the tube was back in her stomach. Hana did not like this at all, who can blame her, and she coughed and sputtered and then vomited. I gave her a hug and held her. I changed her diaper and tried to settle her back to sleepiness but it still took an hour to get her back to sleep.

This morning I was starting her feeding at 6:30 a.m. I noticed her diaper was fresh as could be, which, of course, means she did not poop or pee all night. It’s the pee that worries me. I am worried about her retaining water, because that could be a sign her heart is not doing so well. Otherwise, she seems normal, I think. But I second guess everything. Does she look a little puffy? I would say no. Is she breathing fast? Sometimes, but don’t we all? Is her grunt just a normal baby noise? Maybe but maybe not? I just don’t know what normal is anymore.

Today’s plan is to take her to Kaiser to get some bloodwork done. They have asked to get the results by the end of the day so we can see what is going on, especially with her electrolytes, if she is dehydrated from all the vomiting.


6 thoughts on “More Vomiting

  1. Kathleen, our grandson Brennan, who is right around Hana’s age, has reflux….bad. For 6 months he threw up so much that we couldn’t believe he could actually gain weight. The pediatrician had him on Zantac, but when they took him to the GI doc, he upped the dose 3x. He is like a new baby. He still spits up some, but nothing like he did, and apparently he doesn’t have the pain he had before. I don’t want to pretend to be a nurse or doctor, but just thought I’d pass that info along and maybe you can talk to the doctors about it.
    Hang in there…you’re doing great!

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  2. It has to be hard being new parents AND the baby is not well. I don’t blame you for trying to find out what is normal baby stuff and what is because of her condition. That has to be confusing and tough to deal with. And I can sympathize as I am being confused about what is normal getting old stuff vs. my health problems. Not knowing which is which is frustrating. So Hana is a baby with health problems and I’m getting older with health problems…. gee seems like we both are a bit goofed up!! Sorting it all out can only be done by talking to the doctors. Even if it seems like minor stuff. The docs understand.
    And the tongue is the absolute CUTEST tongue of any baby anywhere!!!

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