More Fever

I’m sitting in a exam room with the lights off, hoping Hana will sleep. We are waiting to get the call for catheterization to get a urine sample. We’ve seen the pediatrician who sent us for a chest x-Ray. Then we came back and Hana’s pediatric cardiologist came down to examine her as well. She called Stanford and talked to one of the heart failure/transplant cardiologists. They feel that there is no reason her heart can not handle a virus/fever. That being said, if anything changes we need to take her to Stanford.

They would like to keep her at home, to keep her away from hospital germs, but everyone is always on the fence about whether to bring her in or not. The Stanford pediatric cardiology fellow on call yesterday and last night called me this morning to see how she was doing. I talked to her five times yesterday, one time was at 4:45 this morning, when Hana’s fever was 102.6. She said if her fever got any higher then we needed to bring her in. Luckily it didn’t!

Now we are waiting and watching, hopefully for nothing more than any other baby who is sick.



5 thoughts on “More Fever

  1. Feel better soon, Hana! We had our first fever/ ER visit (cath, etc) at almost exactly the same age. Hoping it’s nothing more than a little virus. Tylenol & Advil made M vomit too. Good luck- thinking of you!

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