Last night, while I was trying to finish things up so I could go to bed, Hana awoke a bit so I took the opportunity to take her temperature and it was 103. That made me nervous, so I ended up on the phone with Stanford again with the same on-call pediatric cardiologist as the night before. She felt much better knowing that Hana had seen her regular pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist that day and advised to just sit tight, keep giving Tylenol and not to worry unless her breathing became labored or too rapid or her temperature reached 104. Luckily none of those things happened but I was too nervous to sleep so I ended up lying down next to Hana and checking her breathing and temperature. When it went down to 101 I felt better and finally slept (but still next to her bed).

She awoke cranky, but was otherwise fine. We got to pick up my sister Christine from the airport today, which is a relief with all the sickness going on. It’s nice to have an extra pair of hands. Soon after we arrived back at the house, the pediatrician called to inform me that her culture had come back and she has a urinary tract infection. I was relieved to know what was causing the fever. I also feel really bad that my possible neglect in diaper duty may have been the cause, although Hana does have a LOT of poopy diapers every day, its kind of hard. I feel terrible that she has been in such pain over the last few days too! But now we know. Know we have an antibiotic that we’ve started giving her. Now I can sleep better, especially since her fever did not spike much today at all.

Now we can get back to the business of Hana’s eating…




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