Baby Lunch Date

Hana seems to be recovering from her UTI just fine. That being said, her weight gain has been off. First she gained 12 ounces in ten days. Then she lost 5 ounces in the week she was sick. Overall everyone is very happy with her weight gain and would like to reduce the volume of her fortified breast milk to see if she gets hungrier and starts to eat more. Of course the weight thing always makes me worry. On top of that, she seems to be vomiting more, but I kind of think that the antibiotic she is getting is upsetting her stomach.

Hana’s feeding of solid foods has been very stagnant lately. She is still drinking well out of her Milk Bear, but, in my mind, the solid foods are getting worse. Having Christine here last week helped a lot in that department. She helped me set up an inflatable baby pool that we put Hana in with a whole bunch of food to let her slide around and get messy with edibles (of course, there was no water in the pool!). It worked ok, but mostly Hana wanted to climb over the edge. The foods she did touch did not go anywhere near her mouth. I’ll keep trying this method, because I want her to learn that foods are fun.

The best luck we have with feeding solids is when Hana gets to watch a real, live baby eat right in front of her. She had the opportunity a couple of times in the last week. She easily ate more than any other time and without much of a struggle. Hana eating a lot would probably be another baby licking the food off their own face, but we are starting slow! Since we have had so much success with the Baby Lunch Dates I would love to get together with as many solid-food eating babies as possible.  I will come to you. Please, if you are interested let me know! It doesn’t have to be a big time commitment either. We will come and then probably twenty minutes later we will go!






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