More Aggressive Therapy

Her left lung looks the same and her right lung is starting to look bad, this is after the 3am X-ray. They will start more aggressive therapy today. They will start with CPAP which may mean Hana can’t have her pacifier. We are doing CPT or hitting her chest and back to help break up the mucus. The dilemma now is partly that sedation is required for more aggressive therapies and that is a risk to her heart. If this doesn’t work they will need to intubate her. They’ve stopped her feeds and will place a PICC line later today.

I wish the news were better.

Hana tested positive for rhinovirus which is basically the common cold but it means we have to wear gowns, gloves and masks. In other news, Hana is very hungry/thirsty. She’s been trying to lick the bag of hanging solution. Last night they gave her a bottle of fortified milk and she drank 130mL (more than 4 ounces) – it was amazing. It was the first time she looked happy and she finally settled down. She also got a good night sleep.

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3 thoughts on “More Aggressive Therapy

  1. I thinking of you both, and keeping you in my heart. All of you have been through so much, but especially young Hana………


  2. sending positive thoughts for another quick recovery. Hana had been through way to much for such a little one. God bless her.


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