It’s Worth It

It’s felt like a tough day. When they do or discuss treatments they have to mention all possible risks and some of them are hard to hear. So I cried a little today.

Today they put in another IV and also the PICC line. The PICC line requires sedation which is very risky. There were 10 people around to do it. We were told it was best to leave and come back in an hour. It was successful, thank goodness. Then they put Hana on CPAP, which she hates. They have her on IV milrinone and dexmedetomidine which is a sedative. It’s been hard to keep her calm and we’ve had to put the mask back on at least four times. I hope she will tolerate it.

Her latest x-Ray came back a little worse. Hopefully the CPAP will help.

Hana was looking at me and she did not look happy. She was still and quiet. I wondered if she were thinking that all this pain was too much. I whispered to her, “it’s worth it. Life is worth it.” It made me think and feel grateful. I whispered, “getting to love people like you make it worth it.” I hope I live my life true to my words. It was a good reminder to myself – go and live life like it is worth it.

Thank you so much for all the support. We are so grateful!


3 thoughts on “It’s Worth It

    1. Thank you Kathleen and Hana for reminding ALL of us that it is worth it. Life is so worth it. It can be painful and it can be a fight but through it all it is all worth it. I hope you know what a wonderful example of strength, faith, and unconditional love you and Hana are for us. Sharing your experiences, and thoughts motivates us to be better people and puts our own personal life struggles into perspective.


  1. Footprints in the sand. God will carry her in this time and bring life to her until she can walk with God together on the beach.


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