No Extubation

They turned off Hana’s morphine drip and her propofol around 2:40, in preparation for her extubation. They wanted her to be awake, eyes open, breathing on her own and not still in a deep sleep when they took the breathing tube out. Well, she started breathing on her own. She started squirming around a lot. She just didn’t really open her eyes very much.

We waited. By her bedside was the Nurse Practitioner, the nurse and the respiratory therapist. An hour went by – the NP started doing her notes nearby, the nurse went on break, the RT went to attend to another patient. Another hour went by. The attending physician wanted to wait until morning to extubate so that everyone who might possibly be needed were nearby. So Hana did not get her breathing tube out!

The next attending physician that was on explained that some kids just take that long for the morphine to wear off and we should not worry. They started her back on the morphine drip right around 6:30 at which time Hana started to open her eyes and look at us. They decided to give her versed as needed to help with her thrashing about. I was peeved with the nurse who seemed not attentive to Hana’s thrashing around. Her art line started to bleed. She knocked one of the caps off her drip into her PICC line and dripped a while onto her bed before my mom noticed. She almost pulled her NG tube out. She was knocking the breathing tube all over the place. I felt kind of stressed trying to keep her still and I was uncomfortable because I don’t know how careful I need to be with what and there are so many tubes and lines it gets crazy.

I’m kind of exhausted today! But hopefully the breathing tube will come out tomorrow with no problem! They are stopping the morphine and versed at 6:30 am and they didn’t start up her feeds tonight so she will be ready for extubation in the morning and we will have all day to see it happen.

Below Hana was holding onto the suction thing they put in her mouth to suction out the spit (just like the dentists office) but she wouldn’t open her eyes!  

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