Transfusion Then Extubation

Hana was very restless over night. They gave morphine and versed drips and ketamine. She is still thrashing about this morning. We woke up and hurried this morning because they were going to start the extubation at 7:40. Hana’s blood count was low this morning, they are not too worried as they think it may be from so many blood draws. They decided to do a blood transfusion before extubation, to boost her hemoglobin. They have to follow special protocols because Hana is a possible transplant candidate. We are waiting for the blood to come up – I guess it takes a while to scan. Then half the transfusion will take place over an hour and the other half over three hours.

I think it will be early afternoon before extubation. We have the same day nurse as yesterday. She has many good qualities I just wish she were more attentive to some details. It has been a full time job holding Hana still! 


2 thoughts on “Transfusion Then Extubation

  1. Oh my goodness. I feel so sorry for that little girl! Here they are taking blood OUT of me by the jar full all the time because my RBCs and hemoglobin count is too high and they are putting blood INTO her because her hemoglobin is too low. But Hana is in way worse scary condition than I am. My prayers are with her and you two also. As always give Hana a hug when you can for me!!


  2. She looks so precious! Sending prayers and well wishes. Heal quickly little one there are so many people thinking abouit you and you Mom & Dad. Take care…


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