Some Lost Ground

Hana’s X-ray last night looked the same and the one this morning looked worse. I don’t know how much worse, I haven’t seen it and no one has qualified it other than to say “we lost some ground”. The worry over the night was Hana’s blood pressure which was a little too “soft” or low from what I could tell. She also hadn’t peed in quite a while. The did an ultrasound of her bladder around 2 a.m and then catheterized her which yielded some urine. I guess morphine causes you to retain urine.

This morning her blood pressure looks better around 70/40. They are considering other options beyond the APRV (airway pressure release ventilation). One of those options includes taking the breathing tube out to see how Hana does on her own in inflating her lung – this is still the best way to inflate a lung. She has been taking more breaths on her own. Until they decide on rounds today about her lung they are flipping her prone for 18 hours and supine for six hours. They may also do a CT scan to make sure they aren’t missing something else that may be going on.

I really want to hold my sweet girl! I guess she was wiggling a lot early this morning (it took the nurses an hour to get her calm during their shift change, so I wasn’t there) and I’m worried that her hearing my voice makes her squirm even more so I’m trying to be quieter and touch gently. It sucks having these gloves on. My mom is here now, so that helps.

Let’s visualize some progress today!


2 thoughts on “Some Lost Ground

  1. Ok, since you can’t give her a hug from me yet, give her a nice little kiss from me if you can!! All my prayers are with her and you and Paul.


  2. Poor baby looks exhausted. You would think she would just sleep, which would be a good thing. Prayers continue. Little Hana is a feisty young lady. I see that as a good thing. Sorry, it is so hard on you Kathleen.


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