Lung Is Looking Better

The last X-ray started to show improvement in Hana’s left lung, in the upper lobe! You can also hear some breathing on the left side. When I listened again this evening I could hear even more breath sounds than this afternoon. They also decided to move her prone to help her lung open even more. It did take a lot of medication tinkering to get her sedation right. She was still squirming a lot and they barely got a good picture for the last X-ray. They started her on propofol to keep her calm which they typically use in the OR. They’ve taken her off versed and decreased morphine.

The only snag today was doing another arterial line. I went in when they said she would be done and the attending Doctor was in there gowned up with a hair net thing on. I asked him if I should be worried that he was there and he said no and then something about an artery spasm. In the end, they got the art line in and all seems to be well.

While Hana was on her stomach and sedated I worked on getting her matted hair untangled. She has wild hair on a normal day! I’m a little worried about Hana’s blood pressure because it is kind of low – around 60/35. Her other vitals are fine. Blood gasses are showing CO2 a little high but as long as her blood pH doesn’t get too low they are ok with it short term. Her potassium has also been low so they have been giving her that too.

They’ve talked about extubating her as early as tomorrow! Hopefully that will go smoothly too.

(They just reduced her propofol and talked about maybe increasing milrinone slightly, blood pressure was even lower.)

They are doing another chest X-ray around 10:30 tonight.


2 thoughts on “Lung Is Looking Better

  1. Hana has been in my thoughts and prayers every hour for the last few days. Your strength amazes me, and Hana’s too. Sending you warm vibes from a distance, and visualizing a smooth extubation around the corner.


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