This morning Hana had a fever of 101.4. They say it could be caused by her blood transfusion, the collapse of her lung after extubation or perhaps an infection of her PICC line. The last one scares me the most. They are switching as many mess from a drip to enteral (she will get them through her NG tube) to avoid having to open up access to her PICC line. It’s been a disappointing morning. Her nurse put ice on her and her temperature did drop. They are going to wait to start another antibiotic for possible infection but they did send off blood cultures.

She slept okay but has been waking. She is still on milrinone, precedex, versed, and ketamine. She has finished her steroid treatment. Her X-ray looked better today than yesterday after extubation. Today I have to get some regular life stuff done but then hope to sing and read to her. They may still extubate tomorrow, or maybe even wait until Friday.

Let’s pray for her temperature to stay normal and not be an infection.


7 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Kathleen, I have not been commenting much, but have been reading each update, and keeping Hana in my thoughts and seeing her back in your arms smiling that sweet smile of hers…..Barbara


  2. My pediatrician once told me that fevers mean the body is doing it’s job. I’m sure in Hana’s case it is not quite the same but perhaps she is tired of all this messing around and her body is telling her to heal. The fact that the x ray looked better is a comforting thought to hold on to. We have the message for prayer and good thoughts out and they are pouring in. Regular life stuff is good then singing and reading is a great reward for both of you. Mom is the best medicine.


  3. Her sweet little face fills us all with such love and hope for her improving health status. Hopefully all the prayers for Hana will spill over to you and give you strength and positive thoughts to help you care for Hana.


  4. Only God has the right answer. It is hard to understand why something like this happens. Some day we will all have these answers. I will pray for adorable Hana,


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