They extubated around 11:10, after Hana opened her eyes. They had her on high flow nasal cannula and then switched to the mask. They started to hear a stridor and wheezing. They kept checking and checking. The doctor did not leave the room. They tried some steroids and other respiratory therapies. They gave her precedex. They tried suctioning through her nose. After that her O2 dipped down in the 50s. 

For a little while it looked okay. I felt lightheaded so I got a drink. Then it just got worse. Hana was working harder and harder to breathe. Her heart rate was creeping up. Then it got nerve wracking. People start hurrying around and calls were made. Then you see Hana really struggling to breath and I started to cry a little. 

The respiratory therapist had the bag going and things were holding steady for reintubation. I was so upset and scared that I left the room when there was no more room for me at the bedside. I cried in a little room just outside the pod (the room Hana is in with six other patients). A respiratory therapist brought me tissues and water. I kept poking my head in to read the monitor with her heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and O2. But I was also reading the look on the faces of the people surrounding Hana’s bed – they looked calm. The senior CVICU Doctor did the reintubation. She is amazing. She was the one who admitted Hana and she has the touch like a gentle mother.

So, it was a step back. Pretty much what happened was that Hana’s airway started to swell when the breathing tube was removed. It was very scary. This is what happened the very first time they removed her breathing tube back in February. I ask myself how much of this can we handle? I have thoughts of Hana dying and then I immediately feel guilty and terrible. I felt that when I stay by myself near the room, but not in the room, I could think more positively and visualize positive outcomes.

Hana is getting steroids for the swelling. They will evaluate and maybe try extubation again on Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Reintubation

  1. Kathleen,
    I see your blogs come in and my heart aches for you and your husband as well as Marie and John and your family as you go through these times with little Hanna. She is precious and you all are in my prayers daily. Hang in there and take things a day at a time.
    God bless you all
    Karen Truman


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