Quiet Thanksgiving 

Hana apparently was flipping around in the night, so they are working to get her sedation right today to keep her more calm. Her potassium has been very low and that affects heart function, so they’ve been doing a lot of replacement. The diuretics Hana gets can cause loss of electrolytes, including potassium. Other than that there are no other plans today. Her chest X-ray looked a tiny bit worse this morning. They will not position her prone again today because they feel the risk of moving her and irritating her trachea with the breathing tube is just too great.

I talked with Hana’s heart failure/transplant cardiologist this morning and he agrees with me that it is a good idea to get whatever tests they need that require intubation for her transplant evaluation. Those tests include a CT scan to look at the anatomy of her blood vessels and possibly a cardiac catheterization. Hana would need to be intubated for both. I don’t want to go through intubation and extubation more than necessary! 

We will have a quiet Thanksgiving in the hospital.


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