Today Hana’s X-ray looks worse. This has been disappointing for everyone.They tried a CPAP trial last night and it seems to have made her left lung worse. The attending physician said it would be unconscionable to try to extubate today. They do want to try another bronchoscopy, which they’ve been saying for days now, they just haven’t been able to get one scheduled. It seems that pulmonary should be fully staffed tomorrow so it won’t be a problem having it done tomorrow. With that, maybe they can clear out her lung and take a look and maybe we will have more answers. But it may just be that her heart is too large and is pressing on her lung too much. Some of the risks that are being mentioned now are the risk of pneumonia and deconditioning Hana’s ability to breathe in her own. There is always the risk of infection from being in the hospital.

Tomorrow we will restart the transplant evaluation process. 

If her lung starts to look better in her X-ray tomorrow there is still a chance that they could extubate tomorrow. It’s been hard to watch Hana in the hospital bed doing so little, day after day. We are just trying to stay positive.


9 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. My heart is full of love for your precious child. I do not know you or your family, but my heart is full of hope for your beautiful girl❤️ God/Spiritual beliefs work in their own ways. Please believe many people are holding your precious one in their thoughts tonight. Hugz~from a very humble parent of healthy children~I can’t imagine ❤️


  2. My heart goes out to you as you do what you can for your baby girl. You don’t know me but please know that your story has touched many & Hana, you & your family will be in our thoughts & prayers. May God be with you & heal Hana of her ailments. God Bless.


  3. I dont know you but have been reading your posts via Vanessa and just wanted to send you strenght, good thoughts and healing energy and hope Hana will be in a better condition soon.


  4. Wow – look at the support for Hana from folks none of us knows! Thanks to all of you. Kathleen, Paul – give Hana a kiss for me today.


  5. My heart goes out to you and your wonderful little fighter. I know she feels your support and love even though she can’t show it. Stay strong.


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