Rocky Road Ahead

Hana’s X-ray looks the same. She also had a fever in the night of 102.2. This morning she threw up some mucous. She had 120mL of air in her stomach. They are going to preemptively start her on a stronger antibiotic for an infection in the lower lobe of her left lung. They want to do another bronchoscopy today but it won’t happen until tomorrow. They talked about extubating tomorrow but maybe they will wait another day after the bronchoscopy.

They hope to have her on BiPAP after extubation. They said that she may not regain function in the lower lobe of her left lung because her heart may just prevent it from clearing up. They are proceeding cautiously but the attending physician said it will probably be a rocky road with many bumps along the way.

Today already they advanced her breathing tube a couple of centimeters. They had to give her vecuronium again to do that, to keep her still, but this time she did not seem to have an elevated heart rate or labored looking breathing. Hana has seemed more “awake” today – responding more but without thrashing around. I imagine she is not feeling too great with her fever. Cold towels on her head seem to keep her temperature more in the normal range.

I hope we can move forward!


3 thoughts on “Rocky Road Ahead

  1. Kathleen, I think of Hana in the morning on awaking, and at night before sleep. Just holding her in my heart with love. I hold you there was well.


  2. You and Hana are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Thank you for keeping us informed about her condition. I’m so sorry you are going through this difficult time.


  3. Yeah, we are all hoping she starts to move forward too. Maybe today! My prayers are for that. If not today maybe tomorrow!


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