Bronchoscopy Results

Today they finally did the bronchoscopy, where they take a small camera, go down her breathing tube and take a look at what’s going on. They saw that her left bronchi is completely compressed high up, which basically means they weren’t able to get very far into her lung to see what is going on further down the lung. They tried proning Hana, putting her on her stomach, to see if the weight of her heart off her lungs made a difference to that airway. It didn’t. They did see that the bronchi is pulsing which means that her heart or a pulmonary artery is pressing on it. They are going to take a CT scan to see what else is going on.

The big difference between this bronchoscopy and the previous one is that before, they were still able to get down her bronchi to see more of her lung. So, something has changed – one thought is that her heart has gotten larger, but we won’t know until they do the CT scan.

Hana needs your thoughts and prayers.

Here is a loving kindness meditation my aunt sent:

May Hana be safe and protected.

May Hana feel blanketed in love and kindness.

May Hana breathe with ease and comfort.

May Hana’s loving heart be strong and healed.

May Hana be free from suffering.

May Hana’s joyous laughter flow into the world.

May Kathleen and Paul be surrounded by love, hope, and strength.

May Kathleen and Paul find courage and clarity.

May Kathleen and Paul be free from suffering.

May Kathleen, Paul, and Hana grow in joy and peace as a family.

Babies come into this world more or less powerless. It is up to us to help them discover their own power and to experience their free will. Perhaps we can all visualize Hana experiencing her power and free will, even as she lay sedated and on a ventilator.

People have asked if they can send cards. Please send them addressed to Hana Yago,

725 Welch Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Bronchoscopy Results

  1. I will share Hana’s meditation with my girls and we will pray for Hana and you guys. I don’t know you (I’m a friend of Sue Pentin’s) but hearing your story makes me want to give you the biggest hug.


  2. I only know you through Erin and working with your mom, but my family is praying for all of you every day. Prayers for peace, strength, courage, wisdom, and healing. Thank you for the updates and we will continue to pray.


  3. Kathleen- I think of you and Hana often. It was so nice seeing you both out in the Panhandle the other day. I’m praying for sweet Hana! My heart breaks seeing her in these pictures, when it was just a few weeks ago I saw her snacking and babbling away in her stroller. That is the Hana I see and I pray to God to see her again soon. Love, Holly & Thomas


  4. Sending your family love, positive energy, strength and health! Thinking about little Hana every day knowing she will be up and running very soon! Visualizing her cute baby smile and laughter! Seeing your motherly eyes full of joy and happiness!
    You are in our preyers and thoughts!
    Feel better soon!


  5. The Merritt-Sparks family is praying and steadfast in the love of our creator. We are hard pressed to understand why these things happen, but we are with you in our thoughts and hope that you find peace in all the turmoil. Our love to you all!


  6. Father God, you are able to more than we could ever ask or imagine according to your word. You are powerful enough that at the sound of your voice storms will cease and the earth will shake. You care about sweet Hana and are not surprised by all that has happened. While her family waits, bring peace. While the doctors investigate provide divine wisdom and insight. We simply ask that you provide the healing that needs to take place in order for Hana to resume her place as a sweet shining star that you created her to be. We specifically ask for the healing of her lungs and the proper function of her heart. We specifically ask that there would be more answers provided in the days ahead rather than questions. We ask that you heal Hana! It is always in your timing and in your purpose, so as we wait, we wait with hope and we wait with faith!

    We ask these things in Jesus name….Amen


  7. Aiden and I met Hana in music class and we started following her story this month. She is such a bright, beautiful girl. I looked forward to seeing her enjoy class every week. We have her in our thoughts and have seen first hand how strong and full of life she is.


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