Twelve O’Clock Tomorrow 

Not too much has changed since yesterday. Hana’s heart rate was getting high in the evening but the attending physician assured me they would be watching Hana like a hawk – he also happens to be the head of cardiology. Today they did rounds without me because it was so quick and they made no changes. Hana is on versed, precedex, morphine, dopamine and milrinone. She is getting tube fed a lot – 50mL/hour. We are just waiting for Monday.

We are trying to let Hana rest so we try not to stimulate her. She isn’t waking up too often so there aren’t too many opportunities to talk to her. We did do a little decorating in her room, hanging up some of the cards people have sent.

Last night, Paul and I went home for a few hours to get some things together. It was strange and sad being at the house. I wondered what things Hana would outgrow before we were home again. It was too quiet without Hana or Poppy. It felt like we were moving away.

Hana’s surgery is tomorrow at twelve o’clock. She was supposed to be the first case of the day but now she is the second case. The start time really depends on when the first surgery ends. I will try to post as often as possible. We are scared. I try to not get to overwhelmed with am trying to live moment to moment. I want to be an example for Hana of faith, hope, love, knowing my own power, seeing beauty, living beautifully, and accepting the love and support from so many people.


9 thoughts on “Twelve O’Clock Tomorrow 

  1. Sending so much love and many prayers, surrounding you and Paul and little Hana with light, love, strength, peace, and grace.


  2. You ARE a very good example to her. Don’t ever doubt that! You are to all of us too.
    Praying that God has his hands on Hana, guides the surgeons and gives you and Paul comfort during the surgery.


  3. We are praying for Hana here in Oregon. Prayers for you, her parents, also. Please know that we will be holding you in our thoughts today. Sending hugs…


  4. Sending love, strength and storming the gates of heaven with prayer for all involved. Thank you Kalthleen for keeping us up to date and sharing this most delicate, vulnerable, and precious news to us. You and your family have been through and have seen so much. It has given you such a deep perspective on life which I’m sure may feel like a double edge sword, but you’re walking through this journey with such grace, wisdom and fortitude. I wanted to let you know that I deeply admire how you’ve been able to communicate your thoughts and feelings throughout this most difficult and trying time. We are with you in Spirit and in Solidarity, Erin and Michael O’Smith


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