Getting Ready 

Hana was awake this morning when I went in her room around 6:30. I talked with her and stayed until the shift change at 7am when they kick you out of the room to do report. Overall, she goes back and forth between being awake and sleeping. She looks a little sad when she is awake and I whisper to her that it’s going to get better soon.

Although she is on a cooling blanket, Hana sweats sometimes. This could be because of her diminished cardiac output. Her heart rate is also pretty low – I’ve seen it dip as low as 63. Occasionally her blood pressure also trends down, but in generally it’s been okay. But all of this still makes my heart rate and blood pressure rise.

Now they just finish getting ready, mostly last minute blood work. We wait. I’m sitting next to her bed and will stay until it’s time for her to go down to the OR.


8 thoughts on “Getting Ready 

  1. All of my very best wishes for a smooth operation for dear Hana. I am glad you are there to give her lots of love. Sing her a little song. You, Paul and Hana will be on my mind today and I look forward to reading a positive blog update from you afterwards. xoxo


  2. as we speak to the medical team the word that keeps coming to mine is routine. They never use the word but for me I hope and pray that everything goes as routinely as possible. No surprise, all went well, things look “normal”, went as expected, everything was routine. That’ s my hope, prayer, and expectation.



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