Out Of The OR

Hana is back in her room in the CVICU. The doctors and nurses are still settling her in but we did go into her room for a little while. It’s a little hard to see the thumping of her chest, which looks mechanical. For me that feels the hardest – not the three chest tubes and this pump holding her blood that comes out of her chest. Hana is doing well.

The surgeon talked to us after the surgery. He said things went well. Her heart has already reduced in size. They tried to reinflate her left lung but they were not able to. This was not really surprising since her left lung has been collapsed for so long. 

While Hana was in surgery they put in a larger (diameter) breathing tube. They put in a central line in her neck and another arterial line in the groin area. They pulled her NG tube. Hana is on a lot of medications they added epinephrine, nipride, and a few others, she is getting Nitric oxide and a blood transfusion. Her blood pressure is a little high. It will take some tinkering to get everything just right. The biggest concern is to just watch the right side of the heart – to make sure it doesn’t get overworked and to watch her bleeding.

I am relieved the surgery is over. I wish there were less concerns right now because I am exhausted and would love to sleep. Actually they said tonight would be a good night to get sleep, while Hana is still very sedated. They always say stuff like that. I didn’t listen much to that advice the last time, in February, I just thought they were crazy and just didn’t understand what it was like to go through something like this. And probably they don’t know, but they have witnessed a lot of people go through it. They were right. As Hana’s heart failure/transplant cardiologist said to me Friday, “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

When I went in next to Hana, I put my hand on her head and stood in awe. I told her she was amazing. It is amazing to me how much she has gone through, I don’t even know how to put it into words. 

20 thoughts on “Out Of The OR

  1. It IS amazing what she has gone through. She’s a little champion. It is also amazing what you have gone through. If this is a marathon you should get some rest and carb load.


  2. So relieved Hana is finally out of the surgery and doing well! Please get some rest – she will need you both tomorrow!
    What a trooper! Amazing baby! Such a strong fighter!

    This shall all pass and she will not remember any of it!

    Praying for you all! Sending you much love and peace and strength!

    Keep fighting little Hana! You are in our thoughts!!!


  3. Hi, I work with your sister, Therese. Though we’ve never met I’ve been praying for your little girl all day and am so happy to hear that her surgery went well. You are a phenomenal woman. You show such strength and courage. Best of luck to you, your daughter, and your family. May your little girl have nothing but happy healthy days ahead 😀!


  4. Relieved to hear that Hana has made it through this first hurdle. I, too, am in awe in all that she’s been handling and continuing to fight. Amazing little girls come from amazing mothers perhaps. I don’t know if you feel amazing – but watching your family go through this journey has been both moving and inspirational. Prayers are still coming your way and we look forward to Hana’s improved health! God bless Hana, your family and your medical team!


  5. Bless you all. I prayed for Hana all day and my one and a half year old daughter helped me do a special healing prayer for her tonight before bed. I’m so grateful to hear the surgery went well. What an amazing little person Hana is, so much soul and spirit and fortitude. Love and peace to you all!


  6. Phew! Rough night! I am thankful for all the prayers that WORKED!
    Rest now while Hana is resting. May God watch over her while she recovers from the surgery. The marathon is starting as the doctor put it.


  7. I am Katie’s mom. I have been praying for your sweet daughter and up this morning to see how the surgery went . I am so happy it is done. Tears just fill my eyes with your passion for Hana and I am overwhelmed with awe of her. I have never met Hana and I truly know that I will meet her . I have no words other than prayers and thoughts are ever present for Hana and her family. This oh so small child is mighty. May peace and some restful moments be with all 🙏🏻🕊


  8. What a relief… happy to hear she’s out of the OR and did well. Hope you got some much needed rest. Although it would probably be almost impossible to do that. I will keep thinking of you all. Positive thoughts and continuing prayer. GO HANA!!!!


  9. Kat, I am Suzanne’s aunt on the east coast and have been following your posts, praying for all and especially Hana. You are correct, she is amazing. Hope you all get some well needed rest as you gear up for the days ahead. I have lots of people praying and inquiring how she is because I have been posting most of your updates on my page. I hope you know there is much love coming from across the country for all of you and the power of prayer can do incredible things. Just wanted to let you know we are out here and routing for Hana all the way. The next time you are able to be close to her, please gently kiss her forehead and tell her that is from all the people near and far that love her.


  10. A huge thank you for keeping all of us who are following Hana’s journey up to date! The emotional exhaustion alone would do many of us in, but you somehow manage to do it all. Try to sleep when you can. This is a marathon! Prayers and blessings to you all.


  11. HOW WONDERFULL THAT ALL IS MOVING FORWARD WELL. We continue to hold Hanna in our hearts and prayers as well as you and the rest of her family. Marilyn & Floyd Forman


  12. Sending love to you all! Wish I knew a recipe for taking care of oneself in a time like this. I am sure you all are doing the very best you can. My heart goes out to you all. We did send cards. We want to send some homemade pajamas too. What size is Hana?


  13. I am in awe. Ive been following as I am UD Theta alum. I thought about Hana and your family all day. Hana is amazing and so are you. Sending you love.


  14. Hana is truly amazing. She must get her strength from you and Paul, as you guys are amazing too. I cannot imagine how tired, scared, worried you have been for too long. And yet… you guys are strong, positive and focused in your fight. Keep fighting and we’ll keep praying for Hana’s continued health. You may not be able to hold her in your arms now, but God is certainly holding her in His until He can pass her back to you. Try to get some rest!!


  15. We are so happy with this news. Hana is a courageous, wonderful, strong little girl! She gets her courage from her parents. You don’t know me, but, we will continue to follow your posts and watch this little girls courageous and amazing recovery. We wish you all the best from NJ!


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