Everything Is Going Well

Sorry for the delay in posting an update. Hana is doing really well. She is still very sedated, although she does open her eyes from time to time and looks like she is in some pain. Today they will start her back on diuretics to try to get some fluid off of her. This will help her left lung but will also help her right ventricle so it doesn’t have to work so hard. One of the heart failure/transplant physicians reviewed the details of the Berlin Heart and how it functions with the CVICU staff. They always keep a back up device plugged in just outside her room. I will send more details and pictures soon.

16 thoughts on “Everything Is Going Well

  1. No need to apologize to us!!! We can wait until you can update us! So glad though that Hana is doing well. I sure she’s still dopey though. Such a rough thing for a little one to go through. Hope you and Paul have gotten some rest too.
    BTW – I noticed 4 more states added to prayers since yesterday. Now up to 12 that I know of. ( NC,PA,CA,VA,NY,WV,FL,MY, and add NJ,Maine, Ill, Washington State to
    the list)


  2. What wonderful news, Our prayers will continue until we see pictures of her running in the yard. Never apologize for not posting soon enough, we all know how stressed and busy you must be. Marilyn & Floyd Forman


  3. Wonderful news! Of course we all love the updates. Very thankful to hear Hana is resting and that all is going well! I am hoping – like others have said – that you and Paul have been able to get some much needed rest before she gets out of her groggy state… Continuing to send healing thoughts and support to all of you. It is worth it, Hana! Be strong and keep fighting.


  4. Utah is added too. 15 states now. And that’s just since yesterday! Keep letting me know which states to add! We’ll have the country covered with prayers before too long.


  5. Hooray!! Keep fighting, sweet Hana. Kathleen, I hope you and Paul take a moment to sleep and take care of your own minds and bodies. Your health is important too!


  6. Don’t count out Hawaii, and another country-Japan- are also praying for Hana and her family. Hana has family in these places!


  7. I’m a local mom who has been following your story and sending you prayer and strength. I’ve asked family in MA, GA, and Amsterdam to do the same.


  8. I’ve added Minn, MA, Ga, TX,. KEN., Hawaii, Totaling 21 states now!! I’ve also added Japan and Amsterdam – going International too – how great is that?


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