A Great Day Of Rest

Lots of people, many of them doctors, stopped to say how great Hana was doing. It feels good to hear this. Hana has been quiet and occasionally awake for a few moments. It does seem like being in her room too much kind of wakes her up or agitates her yet, you want to be there to comfort her when she does wake. It’s hard to find a balance.

I’m slowly learning more and more about the new world of the Berlin Heart. I know I said I would share more details but I am so exhausted and I think the past three weeks are catching up to me. I will share some pictures that I and others have taken.

The Berlin Heart is an external pump. They check it at least every hour using a flashlight and a mirror (for the underneath part) for any clots that may form. A clot could cause a stroke.

Hana has a lot going in and out of her body. Besides her breathing tube, she has some kind of NG tube for venting her stomach, 2 IVs, 2 arterial lines, a PICC line, a central line in her neck, a Foley catheter, 3 chest tubes and 2 cannulas for the Berlin Heart. All of these will go away, eventually, except the Berlin heart cannulas and she will probably keep her NG feeding tube until after transplant.

The red thing in the picture is the pump and it is red because that is Hana’s blood in it! It’s pretty amazing to see.

21 thoughts on “A Great Day Of Rest

  1. Wow! How amazing ….. I am thrilled Hana is doing well and that she is able to rest. I’m sure her little body needs it.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible update. This is wonderful. 💜


  2. So wonderful to hear that Hana is recovering from her surgery. I realize that you are facing a marathon and am in awe of what wonderful parents you are. I hope that you get some good rest and that you know many people are standing silently beside you… In support and caring.


  3. That is completely amazing and overwhelming to see and hear all that she has going on. I pray you all get some really good rest. I wish I could hug you all!

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  4. Wow, so much for a little tike! But she is a trooper that’s for sure.
    Continued prayers from up to 15 states as of last nights count. (N.J., Maine, Ill., Washington, N.C., PA., CA., VA., NY., WV, FL, Maryland, Oregon, TN, Utah) Please let me know of any other states. I’ll add them to the list. Shooting for all 50 for little Hana!!
    I’m sure the past weeks are catching up to you and Paul. Rest when you can.


  5. Woops -( should have looked at last nights post) adding Minnesota, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Georgia! That’s 21. Also adding Japan and Amsterdam – Going International too!!


  6. Add Delaware to the count! We are definitely pulling for you and Hana from here! Your collective strength is amazing. So glad to see/hear all of the updates lately.


  7. I’m praying for strength and rest for both you and Hana! I’d never heard of a Berlin heart but its pretty amazing. I’d give you so many hugs!! Stay strong mama for your marathon.


  8. Following Hana in Alabama.
    Amazing! Mom take good care of you and rest when needed. You’re rest is as valuable as all that is supporting Hana.


  9. This is great news to hear she is recovering from surgery. Hana’s strength is incredible! This little girl has amazing courage. So do her parents. Thank you for keeping everyone posted and we will continue to pray for all of you. From NJ!


  10. Alabama is added. NJ already counted. We’re up to 23 states now and 2 other countries. This is great! Keep the states coming in folks! I’d love to tell Hana how much of this country and other countries were praying for her!!


  11. I read your daily updates and pray for Hana and you. It is truly amazing to see how strong this child is. Praying for strength as you go through this process for a full recovery .Warmly sending love, Bert Guarrera from Connecticut


  12. So thankful Hana is recovering and getting some rest. Her poor, courageous, strong little body. Praying that you and Paul get some rest too. Leave it in God’s hands for a few hours while you catch up on sleep. Hana needs you to stay healthy! Lots of love to you all. If I can help with anything here in SF, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  13. Sleep is a form of medicine as well and I hope that you and Paul can take advantage of this window of rest. I live in central SF , am retired and have time for errands or anything that can help the three of you!


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