One Nurse Practitioner said that sleeping (as a parent) in the hospital was like having a newborn. She is right. Although I think most of the night nurses do an excellent job of sneaking in and out of the room and clustering their care, but Hana still wakes up! To me, the most ridiculous thing is to weigh the patient before night shift is over. Who wants to get woken at 6:30 am or earlier to be stripped down just to get weighed? They have grown more lax about this and Hana gets weighed later in the morning. Thank goodness!

The hardest thing in all of this is Hana just waking for no apparent reason. It seems we get one good night a week where she sleeps pretty well. The rest of the time she is up for hours and hours before falling back asleep. Last night, Hana got a blood transfusion (which meant a lab poke in the morning for blood work whose results led the doctors to order a blood transfusion and then another lab poke to type her blood and start an IV to receive the blood). Two hours into the transfusion, Hana woke up and became playful and agitated. She was up from 10 pm to 2am. I had to stand over her crib watching her because she wanted to pull her IV out. So, Hana was cranky today. Otherwise, things have been moving along and we are trying to settle into some sort of routine or rhythm.




2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. To see her without multiple IVs, out of her room standing is so beautiful, reassuring and amazing! What a tough little body she has! Praying that deep rest comes soon and frequents often :).


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