An Amazing Story

Below is a link to a Dateline story about a family we’ve met here at the hospital. I mentioned them when we met the mom, Stacy, in the Transplant Talk post. Three of their five children have/had dilated cardiomyopathy and two have already had heart transplants. Their oldest, Sierra, has had two heart transplants. Their youngest, Gage, is currently on a different ventricular assist device (VAD) than Hana. Gage has a much smaller device and is able to leave the hospital to live at the Ronald McDonald House while he waits for his heart transplant, but his sister Lindsey was on the same Berlin Heart device that Hana has.

This story tells and shows much of what our life is like here (minus the huge additional stress of having multiple children with life threatening heart conditions). The doctors, nurses, rooms and hallways are all too familiar! I see Stacy sitting outside the hospital school on our way to and from PT/OT every morning.

Here is the link to watch Dateline: Against The Odds. According to Jason and Stacy’s blog, their will be a second Dateline show airing on January 17th (10 pm Pacific, 9 pm Mountain, and 7 pm Central and Eastern).

Hana is doing well! She is teething and still waking for hours at night but otherwise really well! Things are starting to fall into a rhythm.


One thought on “An Amazing Story

  1. Yes, truly an amazing story! And, wow! The short Berlin Heart clip…something you can’t truly comprehend until you see it.

    Hana’s Super Woman is fitting-both for her and her great mom!

    Continued thoughts and prayers for you all!


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