I’m going to keep this short because I’m so tired! Hana is doing really well, despite the fussiness. She has a lot of teeth coming in right now, luckily the molar is mostly poked through the guns, but the rest are coming in slow. Hana is off of Ativan and still weaning methadone. No preschool tomorrow because she will be hooked up to her IVIG treatment. They are running it slower this time. Also she can’t stand this time (I should say not allowed) because her IV is in her foot!

Sh had to be stuck three times! The first IV went bad (infiltrated). So, Hana got stuck three times and had another NG tube get placed today!

Okay that’s all for now because I’m falling asleep while trying to write this!


3 thoughts on “More IVIG

  1. So happy to hear she is doing well! I hope you are feeling better as well!

    Many well wishes and good thoughts for you today-hopefully, Hana handles her day of restrictions with little issue and has no reaction to her treatment.


  2. Please know my family and I and your friends from St Dominic’s have you in our thoughts and prayers. I’ve lit numerous candles for Hana and you with St. Jude. It all seems to be working in the Lord’s mysterious ways. The Mass for Healing and Our Lady of Lourdes Novena should help carry you through February. When I can’t sleep (frequently), I try to remember to give thanks and pray. I pray aloud with the kids when they can’t sleep. Also, I highly recommend Christian Meditation as a positive, nourishing alternative to sleep for the chronically sleep-deprived.


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