One Month On 3 West

It was a month ago, Christmas Eve, that Hana was transferred  to 3 West from the CVICU. She turned 17-months this past week. Things are moving along. The IVIG therapy was relatively uneventful other than a teething, very fussy, very bored 17-month old had to stay still for 24 hours. That’s kind of hard and requires marathon patience. She did throw up a lot. I think our day nurse felt bad for me but it was okay. Part of what made it okay was I knew that on Saturday night we were going home to sleep (and see Poppy). Although the night the IVIG was running I got pretty good sleep and probably only had to get up six times.

Now we are trying to figure out the sleep/vomit thing. Hana’s sleep is often disrupted and she is puking a lot. Now we try to balance fluid volume/calories/meds so she doesn’t vomit and checking vitals/taking her weight/checking the Berlin with letting Hana get sleep.

It was amazing to be at home and see Poppy. It’s always a little sad – like when I see Hana’s raincoat I bought her two days before being admitted to the hospital and knowing she most likely will never get to wear it (at least not outside in the rain).

Keeping her occupied
Watching Signing Time

Getting ready for bed

7 thoughts on “One Month On 3 West

  1. It if weren’t for all those tubes, you would never know that Hana is a very sick little girl. Do try to get more sleep and take care of yourself as best you can. You are something else—and I mean that in the most positive way.


  2. I love reading Hana’s updates, and I’m so glad she’s doing well. I randomly came across your story, and Hana reminded so much of my son who is almost exactly the same age. I am sending you prayers all the time, and I am so impressed with Hana’s strength and resilience. I’m so impressed with you as well. Go Mama! Doing whatever it takes!


  3. It’s wonderful to read you had a chance to step away from the hospital for rest and relax (hopefully). I’m sure it is not an easy thing to do.

    Hana truly looks so happy-you are doing a great job!!


  4. I pray for you always and hope I can be as patient with my grandchildren as you are. Hana is precious and I am sure God will take care of her because of your hard work and love for your sweet child.


  5. Hana looks like she feels better and has such a sweet happy smile. I love seeing her arms moving about free of IVs. You and Paul are at the centerpiece of our prayers.


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