A Surprise Move

Hana slept restlessly again last night. She awoke at 5:15 and finally fell back asleep at 6:45. This means that I was up at least once an hour. I was planning on getting some rest, maybe a nap, when Paul got here. But that didn’t happen either. Instead we were given the option to pack up and move to a bigger room. 
I’ve been eyeing this room for weeks. The nurses keep telling me it’s the “big room” or “the one for the Berlin Heart patients “. Every time I see it empty I wonder if they are going to move us. But they don’t. Until today. It was very slow on 3 West and the nurses who know who to talk to were able to get us moved! Actually I think everyone was pleased to see us go to the big room. Several people helped us pack up and move.
Unfortunately, we have accumulated way too much stuff and some of it junk that no longer has purpose to us. The new room was s wreck! It took me an hour to find my cell phone. Fortunately, our friends Judy and Lou had both decided to visit today so they were able to help unpack. We have most of the stuff put away and a lot of stuff hung up but there is still more decorating to do!

Our new room is great! It is really big (to us). The best thing is that the view from the window is awesome! It overlooks the front of the hospital so when Hana stands in the window she can see cars and people and trees and grass – she can see what the world is up to! This makes her very, very happy! Before, the window faced the cancer center. Best of all, when Lou brought Poppy with her to the hospital, Paul and I took turns going outside to visit with Poppy and we were able to wave to Hana in the window. It was great!

Here are some pictures of our old room – new room pictures will come soon!


One thought on “A Surprise Move

  1. I hope Hana has rested well with your move and that the new environment has not further disrupted her sleep (and yours). Thoughts and prayers continue for Hana!!!


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