Music In The Room

Hana has not been as happy this week. I’m hoping it is just teething and not that she is bored or an upset stomach so much of the time. She does seem to be sleeping a bit better, overall. Last night she did throw up in the middle of the night, so I don’t know what that is about. Blood work and the dressing change went fairly well this week but Hana complains a lot more than she used to. She is also afraid of every person that walks in the room unless she knows them and they are not here to poke or prod her. It makes me a bit sad to see this but I hope we can teach her to trust people again.

We have been trying to change up the room, get out of the room, invent and do new things. It has been challenging! Hana’s new park is the small atrium in the middle of the hospital. Her new playground is the trains. I hope she doesn’t get too bored of them too quickly. I contemplated purchasing a little slide with steps that folds up but I don’t know where we would put it! It is hard enough to move around in this room as it is!

I’ve been trying to get out more, during Hana’s naps. It is hard! She seems to know when I’m giong to leave and she wakes up very early from her nap! Yesterday I went for a jog and they called me ten minutes after I left to come back. I’ll keep trying, hopefully we can get in a better routine. It’s interesting how life really forces you to deal with your issues too. I definitely have a hang up about never having enough time and asking for help. Now, I have less “time” than I’ve ever had and I’m forced to ask for help!

Yesterday, the man, Jeff, who plays guitar for the last fifteen minutes of pre-school every Wednesday, came by Hana’s room. He played for fifteen minutes. Hana was mesmerized! She clapped and danced a little, but mostly she just watched him transfixed. Somehow she is not that impressed when I play the ukulele. I hope she has more opportunities to see such things!






Hana watching Jeff play guitar.


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