On Local News Tonight

Today a couple of news stations came to cover a story on Hana. Surprise! We wanted to do this in April, for Donate Life month but the scheduling didn’t work out. The hospital’s media relations organized everything and it included an interview with Hana’s primary heart failure/transplant cardiologist. I’ll post more about the whole experience later, but for now, I just wanted to put the word out for anyone that wants to try to watch. I think you can stream it live and I believe it will at least air on the five o’clock news but likely with additional air time.

Channel 2 – http://www.ktvu.com

Channel 7 – http://abc7news.com

Our motivation to do this was to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation.

2 thoughts on “On Local News Tonight

  1. Wonderful idea! And who better to do it than beautiful Hana and her amazing, talented parents. I hope I can find it here in NY. I feel great things coming from this, and not just for Hana. You guys are truly Angels.


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