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We were overall pleased with the news segments from Wednesday. I wish they had focused a tad more on the importance of organ donation, but it has been a positive experience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the station Abc7 decided to post a link to their segment on Hana. We did get to see it but only when it was broadcast live.

Below is the link to the ktvu (channel 2) station segment on Hana:
In addition to the news cast, the Stanford Medicine blog posted a story on Hana for today:
Never, in my lifetime, did I think I’d solicit a news story. But, since it’s about Hana and not about me it wasn’t too hard! I wasn’t really nervous to be on camera, we feel strongly about helping the cause, but if there were a way to tell the story without talking to me I would have liked that! Of course, a big part in this decision to solicit a news story was Hana’s personality. She is such a friendly kid and seems to handle attention well. We felt she would be fine with the cameras (and she was!). 

We were really glad to add a message out there on the importance of organ donation! Please help spread the word.

Hana’s cardiologist being interviewed

My interview

Hana, this morning

168 days in the hospital, 150 days post-Berlin Heart, 142 days on the transplant list.

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