4:30 OR Time

So, all of a sudden things are moving along quickly. Blood is drawn and IV is placed. IV fluids are started. Hana is finally napping. 

OR time is scheduled for 4:30, pacific time. Of course, that could always change. They want to move Hana to the CVICU right before surgery to secure a bed for her there. The hospital is completely full so we have to vacate the room as quickly as possible too!

8 thoughts on “4:30 OR Time

  1. Sending so much love and so many prayers. Hana we love you! Love and prayers for the donor family too, may they feel comforted and blessed.


  2. Such good news for Hana. May her body accept this amazing gift being offered. Thanks for keeping us updated, even though I know you must have 101 things to do…..


  3. You all will be in my continuous thoughts! I can’t think of the right words to say except that I wish you all strength and I hope that the doctors healing hands take Hana toward health and happiness.


  4. Smart Girl Hana, wearing your bicycle helmet to heart surgery. Those orderlies can be crazy drivers with those gurneys. LOL I always wear my helmet when I ride.You are a girl after my own heart, except you already have my heart.


  5. This is remarkable news. My family doesn’t know you but we have followed your journey through your blog. Our thoughts and prayers are with Hana for a successful surgery. Kathleen, your strength and courage for sharing your families journey on this blog is amazing. We are thinking of you tonight.
    With love from NJ.


  6. Dear Lord, guide the doctors as they perform this miracle. May the surgery and recovery be successful and our precious grand niece gain strength in the coming days and months.


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