A Heart For Hana

This morning we got the call (a literal wake up call) that they had a matching donor heart for Hana. We were at home. We are in shock. Also, there is still a chance that the transplant might not happen, although it’s slim. But still we are feeling cautious. Actually, I have so many competing emotions it’s hard to know what I feel – many things.

Today they will do some last minute bloodwork – they always check antibodies again to see if anything has changed. If something drastic has changed then they could pass on the heart. They will start an IV. Hana’s feeds have already stopped so have her blood thinning medications. She will be hungry. She also seems to be getting some two year molars. She will be cranky!

Then there is the donor and the donor family. What can you ever say about the loss of a child? Saying is not adequate. We feel instead. The lives of two families are forever changed. We are so grateful. There are no words, not for us or them.

We will keep you posted! Surgery could be as early as late this afternoon.

191 days in the hospital, 172 days post-Berlin Heart, (164) Last Day On The Transplant List!

20 thoughts on “A Heart For Hana

  1. Saying prayers for all; you, Hana and the donor’s family. What an amazing gift. You guys will remain in our thoughts today.


  2. My prayers are with all of you. You don’t k now me but I’ve been following your posts for a long time. Hana is a brave little girl and you and your husband are amazing. Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well. God bless.


  3. Dear Lord be with this child and this family please never leave side and guide her doctors as they bring this new heart to this beautiful child 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  4. I can’t imagine the emotions you are going through. During this whole process you have been overwhelmingly sensitive to the reality of the loss to the donor family. You have not been selfish or whiney and never once felt sorry for yourselves in spite of the worry for Hana’s health and the extremely frustrating and limiting conditions you live with 24/7. Again you have graciously, and truly from your heart, mentioned the sadness, sympathy, and concern you feel for the donor’s family. I am sure they are devastated, and you, above all people, can relate to that, but ultimately if the heart they give to Hana saves her and lets her grow and thrive and live a reasonably normal life, they will share your joy and know that a part of their loved one is still very much alive and their tragic loss was not in vain. You can’t help but fall in love with Hana and they will embrace her as their own. Now you all have to move forward with your tenuous journey. As most of the other’s who commented I will pray for the donor’s family as well as for you and Hana. I know you will keep us posted as we all keep vigil with you on the process of the surgery. Hana is in a good place physically to do well with this surgery and she has accepted so many things on and in her body to keep her well. She will do her part. You will do your part. The doctors will do their part, and we will all pray. On a lighter note, I was thinking that the terrible two’s might start to show up soon. Another sign that life is moving forward as it should. Sending love to surround you all. It’s an amazing day. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Sending love and prayers from Swarthmore, PA your way! You don’t me but my whole family has been following your blog, you are all so inspiring!


  6. Prayers coming your way for both families. Please save little Hana! ❤️

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  7. Thinking of your family, as well as the donor family, as you all embark on this new leg of your journey. What an amazing, tragic, incredible gift this family is giving to your warrior daughter. My family will be sending all of our positive thoughts your way today and as Hana recovers.

    A fellow SF mama to a daughter born August 2014


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