In The ER

Hana had her cath/biopsy this morning. Most everything went well except not enough versed before putting on the mask – she fought like she was being suffocated. During recovery she was unusually agitated.

Back at the RMH. She fell asleep quickly. I took her temp and it was 101.4. I called, called again, no answer, left a message. She woke from her nap, breathing fast. After timing a minute and listening with a stethoscope I counted 84.

We are at the Emergency Department getting chest xrays, ultrasounds, Bloodwork. Cardiology seems less concerned but still sent us here! She is in good spirits considering the circumstances.

Waiting area before cath lab
Feeling bad back at RMH
At the ED
Holding on, won’t let go

4 thoughts on “In The ER

  1. I hope she is doing ok. I have lived decades (most in the Bay Area) with a suppressed immune system and sometimes a low grade fever is just that – something I was exposed to that my body doesn’t know what to do with. No amount of hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, washing hands etc. will stop this. My hope is she just had a bad day, a mild fever and she will be happy happy happy again in a few hours.


  2. Praying that all is well! Can not imagine how stressful your life must be! Sending angels your way!

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