Best Day Yet

Today Hana made a lot of progress. She’s been up and walking more, she’s less clingy and less cranky. We all got better sleep last night. Today, though, she would only nap in my arms. I think she may be afraid that I might leave while she’s napping (she’s right). But at least she napped longer, maybe 45 minutes.

We did the last of our transplant teaching today. It seems the only thing we are waiting for now is Hana’s first biopsy, which is some time on Thursday. If those results come back okay then we MAY get to be discharged to the Ronald McDonald House over the weekend. I can’t even believe it! I’m trying to wrap my mind around the idea of being on the “outside” again with Hana. Today I ordered a car seat from Amazon! 

Hana did a LOT of walking today. She got the okay to be off the portable monitor so now we can pretty much take her wherever we want in the hospital, including out front and the atrium. We spent a lot of time outside. Hana was content to sit back and let me pull her in the wagon through all these places she’s never been (or at least not for a long time, before being admitted). But then she wanted to walk and roam. We need to get her some sun protective clothing because she will be VERY sensitive to sunlight. 

Her nurse was able to accompany us back to the water fountain at the adult hospital. Hana really, really wanted to get in the water! She walked all around and I spent my time keeping her out of the water. It was great! I can’t believe how much more stable she is today than yesterday! It’s been amazing!