Our Second Night at Stanford

Yesterday, Hana opened her eyes and was awake (I think I mentioned this before) for a little bit.


Paul and I actually walked to downtown Palo Alto to get some food and some much needed clarity. When we got back we sat with Hana for a while before attempting to get some rest. This is our sleep room, which is right on the unit.


Hana was stable through the night. I thought I heard something about an episode of Tachycardia in the night, but I didn’t ask. Not yet. It feels somewhat cowardly to avoid hearing bad news, but I figured it’s not what is going on in the present moment so I could give myself a break. Today they are giving less oxygen through her breathing tube and are going to back off the medications helping her heart pump. Hopefully she handles those well. Unfortunately she tested positive for a respiratory virus so we have to wear gowns, masks and gloves in her room, not to mention that it is one more thing her body has to work on.

This morning I sat with her for several hours. She woke from time to time.


I love that sweet face!

6 thoughts on “Our Second Night at Stanford

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this news. I have been praying for Hana and you and think of you and what you are going through. I know how it must be the worst thing ever. Let family and friends help in any way they can and stay strong. Your baby girl is in the best place and you will need to be there for her whenever she needs you so leave everything else to friends and family. My heart and prayers are with you. I’m keeping in touch with Matt and Suzanne.


  1. Oh Kathleen, I had no idea what your family was going through. You and Paul must be so scared. This is not at all what I had hoped parenthood would bring you. You are such a strong person, I know that Hana can feel your strength and love. I will be thinking of you and Paul, and sending healing thoughts to your sweet baby. Please, please let me know if there is anything I can do for your family.

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  2. Kathleen thank you for these updates and photos. I just send directly to that photo love, light, and her being held by the divine. What a beautiful little angel. Hard to understand why one so tiny and innocent needs to go through these physical trial and tribulations.

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