Valentine’s Day

Overall, Hana spent this Valentine’s Day as a day of rest and evaluation. They started her on some of my breastmilk in her feeding tube. She had an arterial line inserted in her right arm, which I believe is mostly used to draw blood from (multiple times a day). They turned off the epinephrine she was getting to help her heart pump. They continue to wean her off of her ventilator.

Tonight they will pull her Femoral Line (now that she has the arterial line) and do some swabs for testing. It seems that the plan is to make her as well as possible (of course) but the road is probably still leading to a heart transplant. The baby in her adjoining room is getting a heart transplant tonight.

Our Little Valentine!



7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you for the update! I am thinking of you and praying for her all the time! Hold on to each other…there is strength in numbers!!!


  2. There are literally thousands of people praying for Hana and parents. The prayer chains are in New Jersey, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The storming the gates of heaven continue.


  3. Thank you for the updates. Continuing to pray for you all. Stay strong and positive. Sending lots of love from Oregon. Get well baby Hana!


  4. Dear Kat and Paul, I’m so sorry to hear about the events that you are facing and living through. My heart goes out to you and am praying everyday that a miracle will happen. I know God is with you and holding baby Hana in his hands. Suzanne and Matt are keeping me posted and of course I’m checking in here daily.


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