CT Scan

So, we were kind of hoping that the CT scan would show something wrong with Hana’s coronary arteries because that is easy to fix (relative to a heart transplant). We knew the likelihood of all this being a coronary problem was very slim. As it turns out her coronary arteries are just fine, that is no longer a hope.

With all the unknowns, my dad keeps asking, “What should I be rooting for?” There’s a very slim, outlying chance that, given enough rest, her heart could recover. Or it could recover enough where she wouldn’t need a transplant for years. The mortality rate for transplant patients increases the older they get, so delaying it seems best. But, because she is so young, if she got the transplant now they believe that there is less chance of her body rejecting the heart, therefore making now more ideal. They don’t have enough data on transplants in infants to be able to say with certainty if now is for sure the best situation. So, it’s hard to know what to root for.

Here is Hana about three weeks ago:


6 thoughts on “CT Scan

  1. Kathleen, I just found out about Hana this morning. I haven’t been able to think about much else today. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you and your husband. I am praying for your family and hoping for the best possible outcome as soon as possible. You are very strong and brave.

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  2. I will pray that time will heal this beautiful heart. I was finding patience hard. But, I now feel it means that she will be healed. So, I will be patient…


  3. I went to mass tonight and said an extra prayer for Hana and you and Paul (and your whole family). Your strength and grace blow me away. Love all of the beautiful pictures of your sweet girl. She’s a strong little lady, I can tell!!! Know that Russell, peter and I will continue to pray for you and send good vibes your way everyday!

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