Plan for February 18th

Hana had a pretty good night. I went in her room around 4am and sat with her. She had awoken before my arrival and I stayed until she was settled again. This morning she was calm and restful until mid-morning when she would thrash a bit and cry her silent cries. A silently crying baby is difficult to witness, especially when there is very little you can do for them. I tell her softly, “I hear you.” So, hopefully she gets the sense that her cries, her pain or discomfort, are being acknowledged, that she is loved and cared for and that we are doing all we can for her.

After rounds the report is: her heart rate is low (high 80’s to low 90’s) but she is tolerating it well. Her profusion is good. Her exam was as good as on Monday. They will do a CT scan of her heart and head around 1pm. They will attempt to take her breathing tube out again tomorrow.

We are so thankful to everyone. I hope to get a chance to reply to messages soon. Please keep sending them if you feel the desire. Or comment on the blog. We cherish each and every one.

Here is Hana this morning covered by a blanket I’ve been stuffing in my shift while I sleep so that it smells like me.


7 thoughts on “Plan for February 18th

  1. I love that you are telling her that you hear her. That makes me happy and sad at the same time. That is a true sign of love, understanding and respect. Eager to hear the results of the CT scan. Love you all… And although we love hearing from you… Don’t feel that you need to get back to everyone right now. The messages will continue to come even without a reply right now!


  2. Thank you for keeping updated on Hana’s status….I am sure these days are so long and you are exhausted…but it means so much and it makes the distance less. We can’t tell you how we are just so happy to hear today’s post…I think this is the first time we’ve exhaled since we learned of Hana’s heart.
    I’ve been printing and reading all of the updates to Mom….She sends ALL her love (as you know)!!! LOVE AND PRAYERS TO ALL!!


  3. I think I speak for the all of the Yago clan in PA, MA, MD, NC and FL when I say that three of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you love and thanks for keeping us updated on Hana’s progress ❤️


  4. What a wonderful mother you are, Kathleen. Stuffing her blanket into your blouse so she can smell you is so loving and thoughtful. Our thoughts are with you everyday as you walk through this valley of uncertainty. You have good instincts and are sure to make wise decisions.
    Jean and Dave Hedger


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