On Our Own

My mother left around 6am this morning. We are so grateful for all her help. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Some time after Hana’s 6am feeding and when I finally got up around 8am, she vomited in bed. I found a big wet spot later. But despite that we did okay today. I got to take a bit of a nap. It was really, really warm in San Francisco and we took some time to sit outside a coffee shop and talk. In the evening we did a lot of the daily chores my mom had been doing. Even with the two of us, it took quite a while. I think Paul especially was surprised how long it all took, since he had been working while most of that kind of stuff was being done. Today, I was feeling a little depressed about everything. I’m so grateful for all the help and support, but the whole situation is still daunting and, in some ways, we feel a bit trapped or tied down. It is kind of a big deal to go anywhere. It’s hard enough to get time to do things when you have a baby, but now, I feel like our radius from the house that we can travel is much, much smaller. I am determined not to let this get the best of me. I just don’t have the time or energy to be depressed right now. Do I get a choice?



3 thoughts on “On Our Own

  1. I know you guys will settle into your new normal and be out and about with baby Hana. I already impressed that she has been out to the farmers market and the park in her first week home! She does look happy… And so does daddy. We love seeing her with both of you in the pictures! Love you all! 💙💙💙


  2. How happy she is! What a gorgeous smile. Love her cute outfits! You are all so strong- prayers for Hana’s healing and continued strength for you. You are an inspiration!


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