Intubating Today

Hana slept peacefully overnight. Unfortunately her X-ray looked about the same – although her right lung looked a little better. Her left lung is not making progress. So, they recommended we move forward with intubation. They will put a camera down her throat to see what is going on and then wash out what needs to be cleaned out.

This comes with a lot of risks for someone like Hana. They say, since her heart is already on the brink, that the sedation could push it over the very fine line. They talked about her heart stopping and maybe having to put her on ECMO. These things are very, very serious.

Or, they clean things out and tomorrow they can take the breathing tube out and she starts to recover. My thoughts are “let’s get her lung cleaned out and on the road to recovery.” Hana looks really good and us holding her own in other ways so they want to proceed before things get worse and it becomes urgent. When they took the CPAP mask off for a few minutes her respiration rate did get very high and heart rate became a bit elevated so I think now is the time to make a move.

Please imagine Hana getting intubated successfully, her lung getting clean and reinflated and then the breathing tube coming out easily and smoothly!

Hana is VERY cranky this morning. She hates the mask, she hates the wires, she is desperately thirsty. I’ve never seen her so angry and inconsolable. She is arching her back, kicking and squirming.
Here is a rare, still moment:


3 thoughts on “Intubating Today

  1. Prayers going up and will continue. I can imagine her “anger” at the stuff and see it as a good sign of her strength and determination. Not so easy on mom, dad, and doctors however. Get that lung cleaned out and back home little Hana. Breathe well and no more throwing up. Prayers for ALL of you.


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