The intubation went very smoothly and easily! Then there was about an hour before the pulmonologist went down the breathing tube with the bronchoscope. Hana was coughing and gagging a lot and fighting just a little in between.

The bronchoscopy went well too! They said it didn’t look too bad when they went in and that maybe just putting the breathing tube already started to help things. They cleaned things out with saline in her left lung, took some pictures and took a mucous sample. They will send the sample for testing. They may do another bronchoscopy depending on how her chest X-ray looks tomorrow.

She is on milrinone, fentanyl, versed, and epinephrine which they are starting to back off. They are going to restart her Lasix and give diuril. They will also give potassium because that was low but all her other labs look good. They haven’t been giving her carvedilol or enalapril. They will start a continuous feed of straight breast milk. She’s handled things beautifully, now we just need a nice clear X-ray and then a successful extubation (she’s had a very scary extubation. And then difficult reintubation in the past). Her culture came back positive for a UTI (we’ve been struggling for a week with severe diaper rash because she was having very frequent poopy diapers – almost once an hour). They think the UTI timing is just a coincidence.

Than you for all the positive thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Success!!

  1. My boys and I said an extra prayer for Hana tonight after I saw your post today that she is going through so much lately (we always pray for all the sick, sad, or hungry people, but mention any names of (and sometimes end up in a short discussion about) those who are having an extra tough time). I’m so glad to read that things went well today. We will continue to pray for Hana and hope that she is doing better and back in the comfort of her own home soon!


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