X-Ray Looks Unchanged

The last X-ray of Hana’s lung looks pretty much the same. This was very disappointing for us. The good thing is they are starting to hear some breathing in the left side. Today they are going to try something different with the ventilator to help open her lung. They will push more air in her lung to try to inflate it and then hold it there for 3 seconds. Then they will let it deflate just a small amount for a split second (0.45). They have to check her blood gases carefully to make sure there is enough oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. Her CO2 has been a bit high. They will do another chest X-ray this afternoon.

Hana has been wiggling around a lot so they’ve been adjusting her meds. They have been giving her a bit more Ativan to help keep her still and calm, they don’t want her disrupting the placement of her breathing tube. She is also getting a morphine drip. They’ve talked about putting her back on Precedex. They want to back off her milrinone as soon as possible but not quite yet. Other than that her meds are unchanged.

Hana is back to getting continuous feeds or straight breast milk – to her usual daily volume. The arterial line they put in yesterday stopped working, which is a bummer, but they will put in another one today.

On another note the attending doctor in the CVICU said there have been studies showing a correlation between UTIs and respiratory infections, but they don’t understand why. So maybe the UTI made Hana more susceptible to rhinovirus.

Through all of this Hana has done extremely well, so that is definitely a positive!
Let’s hope for more progress today!

Below are two pictures, one from yesterday and one from February. Look how much Hana has grown! We also have so much to be thankful for – things were a lot worse 11 months ago.



One thought on “X-Ray Looks Unchanged

  1. Wow, she has grown a lot. You have done a great job Kathleen. Erin told me how hard it was to get her to eat when she was with you in June. Obviously you have made progress with that. I will keep praying. You keep mommy-ing.


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