Presidents Day Plan

Today started positive despite the arrhythmia Hana was having in the night. It was the best I’ve seen her since arriving at the hospital. She was playing with toys and alert. When she was sleeping she looked like the baby I know at home!

Today they took out her breathing tube and I heard her little voice for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, despite doing beautifully on the CPAP, she had to have the breathing tube put back in. She was really struggling to breathe and she was trying to cry. Putting the breathing tube back in was really scary. Her heart rate was crazy. Her throat was so swollen they had a difficult time getting the tube back in. I cried and kept visualizing her safe and cuddled in my arms. They don’t think the swelling has to do with her heart. They’ve started her on a steroid to help with the swelling and will try taking the breathing tube out again in a couple of days.

We got to see Poppy too. We have amazing friends too! I can’t say thank you enough.

This morning:


Breathing tube out:


Me and Paul reading her a story last night:


Hana and I dressed to practice “swimming” in the bathtub about a month ago:


Sometimes I look over at Paul and I think, “How is it that this is happening to us? How is this possible?”

The Plan For February 15th

Hana was a bit agitated overnight so they had to give her a tiny bit of sedation. I stayed up with her until about 11:30 until the nurse told me it was ok to go to bed. In the night they took out her Femoral Line, which went well.

Today, they plan to reduce her dopamine and to wean her down on the ventilator. They will reassess taking her breathing tube out tomorrow. They will increase her breastmilk today. She looks well and her exams have been positive (considering her condition).

Hana this morning:


Here’s a photo of her about a week and a half ago: