Presidents Day Plan

Today started positive despite the arrhythmia Hana was having in the night. It was the best I’ve seen her since arriving at the hospital. She was playing with toys and alert. When she was sleeping she looked like the baby I know at home!

Today they took out her breathing tube and I heard her little voice for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, despite doing beautifully on the CPAP, she had to have the breathing tube put back in. She was really struggling to breathe and she was trying to cry. Putting the breathing tube back in was really scary. Her heart rate was crazy. Her throat was so swollen they had a difficult time getting the tube back in. I cried and kept visualizing her safe and cuddled in my arms. They don’t think the swelling has to do with her heart. They’ve started her on a steroid to help with the swelling and will try taking the breathing tube out again in a couple of days.

We got to see Poppy too. We have amazing friends too! I can’t say thank you enough.

This morning:


Breathing tube out:


Me and Paul reading her a story last night:


Hana and I dressed to practice “swimming” in the bathtub about a month ago:


Sometimes I look over at Paul and I think, “How is it that this is happening to us? How is this possible?”

11 thoughts on “Presidents Day Plan

  1. Kathleen, I’m sending so much love to Hana, you, and Paul. Thinking about you all the time. Please let me know if you ever don’t have enough logistical support (I know you do, but just in case) and if I can help you in any way. Hana is beautiful and strong, and I love and appreciate your voice as you keep us up to date. -Nicola

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  2. This was a hard post to read. I’m so sad that you guys have to go through this, but I’m so thankful that you are sharing your story. I’m constantly refreshing the page just for any new update. Love you all.


  3. Thank you for the posts and for the photos. The one with you and Paul getting ready to practice swimming in the bathtub made me smile, and reminded me of the Aidan photos when he was 5 months old……..
    sending you lots of love everyday, many times throughout the day. She is a precious angel.


  4. Kathleen, I am so impressed by your incredible strength as you face these unimaginable circumstances! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to Hana!!!


  5. Kathleen,
    Sending you and Hana prayers as you go through this tough time. What an amazingly strong girl Hana must be! Know that an old friend back in PA is thinking of you and offering hugs.


  6. Hana is so courageous. Kathleen and Paul, you are both incredibly strong. Holding you all in our hearts, and continously in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of love being sent your way, Jen


  7. Your courage and strength is so impressive and little Hana gets all of that from u both!!! It must seem so surreal at times in this unimaginable situation….please know that so much love is pouring in for all of you from friends and family everywhere…Hana!!!!


  8. Hana is still the same amazing little girl across the pictures: strong, courageous, a bit mystified by this big new world, trusting, and well loved. How wonderful that she can hear your voices calming her and reading to her. Many people you’ve never met are sending healing wishes and prayers.

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